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Sportwall XerPro

Sportwall XerPro

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Sportwall XerTrainer


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XerGames, world leader in group exergaming solutions like #1 rated* Sportwall, Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition and Makoto Arena, stands out by motivating participants of all ages and abilities with real, multisensory, tactile, brain-body activities, not virtual reality. Participants experience the fun, social interaction, physical challenge and cognitive engagement of interactive fitness technology, improving their results and making them want to come back for more.

Our customers:
School PE , Adapted PE and Athletic Programs, Pre-School, YMCA's, JCC's, Military CYS MWR, Salvation Army Kroc Centers, Parks Rec, Health Wellness Clubs, Medical Fitness, Senior Programs, Performance Sports Programs, Sensory Disorders, Special Needs, Private Homes.

Additional benefits of XerGames:

  • Designed for multi-purpose spaces – no dedicated space required
  • Lifetime access to our comprehensive programming library
  • Patented products. Proven Results for over ten years
  • Group exergames - more fun, social, inclusive sustainable
  • Group programming = lower cost per person, better ROI
  • Platinum Service Plan – lifetime phone support and more
  • A support team with over 50 years experience, dedicated to your success
*Sportwall rated #1 in both enjoyment and energy expenditure in a university study comparing a variety of popular exergames with traditional fitness options (Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 2011)


"I am listening to our students on Sportwall and the dance dance revolution system in the interactive fitness room and its just awesome!!!!! I can't tell you how well they're doing with it!!!  Just wanted to let you know again how much we love this stuff!!!" - Andre Deuser, John F. Kennedy High School/Middle School, NY

When comparing enjoyment of the various exergames, children with higher BMIs enjoyed Sportwall to a greater extent. - Bruce W. Bailey, PhD; Kyle McInnis, ScD, A Comparison of the Energy Cost of 6 Forms of Exergaming, published in The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 2011

Sportwall is an exergame like a giant Nintendo Wii, but it's not simulated activity - you actually have to throw the ball at the target and catch the ball coming back.  It works great for the little kids, but it also starts building into sports elements - speed, agility, change of direction - so it can also be used for training top-level athletes.  Ken Karwoski, Worthington YMCA, MN

"We're normally told not to hit or break anything, but we were told we could smash the Sportwall targets as hard as we liked and that we wouldn't break them. I did try! But I soon found out accuracy gets you more points so I tried to focus on hitting the targets rather than just using power." – 8 year old male student, Northampton Academy, UK

"With the scary rise in childhood obesity, it is necessary for fitness centers to start incorporating interactive fitness or exergame components such as the Sportwall that engage and motivate kids to be active! ...We are excited to feature the Sportwall in our new, state of the art facility and to be able to offer this new technology to children." - Jennifer Pell, Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch, TX

"With Sportwall, players are getting cardiovascular, brain-activating fitness and sports training and they're having fun at the same time! Believe me when I say you've never experienced anything like this before. The XerPro is truly a blast!" - Billie Jean King, Winner of 20 Wimbledon Titles

We've now upgraded to the dance dance revolution system, the most advanced multi-player interactive dance system available, which has added a whole new dimension to our dance mat classes. We can now track progress online, and the 'Pump It Up' intelligent software runs three levels of difficulty at the same time, so dancers of all ages can work out together, feel comfortable with their ability and have fun." - Phil Storey, CEO, Pendle Leisure Trust, UK

Most noticeable to me with Sportwall was that the less skilled participants got the most encouragement from their team members and showed the most improvement in both skills and attitude. It definitely improved their self-esteem and motivated them to work hard and do their best.
- Karen Perry-Kaplan, P.E. Specialist, Schofield Elementary School, MA

"We were developing the sports facilities specifically with autism in mind and wanted something innovative that would motivate the students. We chose the Sportwall after trying other exergame and traditional products because it's versatile, straight forward and a great way of delivering PE through ICT. - Clare Stockley, PE Coordinator with Cambrian Education, UK

The strength, power and positive culture of our transformation with XerGames cannot be overstated. The dance dance revolution system and Sportwall XerTrainer have been the focal point in changing the personality of this facility from one kids did not enjoy visiting to what is now a fully-rounded facility for the entire family and one that kids eagerly have embraced.
XerGames is also all about taking care of our customers and bringing some excitement to their lives. The authentic care, professionalism, knowledge and strong sense of partnership I've experienced with the XerGames staff has been just as positive as their outstanding product. - Ron Germann, Manager, The Summit Family Fitness Center, TX

Sportwall is what makes Kids HealthClub.com different from all other facilities that provide youth fitness. Our staff and I feel that it has made us a standout in the new youth interactive fitness industry." - Vernard Alsberry Jr. PTA, MPA, KidsHealthClub.com, CALM INC, Physical Therapy Care management services, Homewood, IL

"Among exergames, what I particularly like about Sportwall is the enthusiastic and sustained interest it generates from kids who traditionally don't achieve high levels of daily physical activity and exceed their recommended body weight. With this product, all kids can be successful regardless of their beginning fitness level." - Kyle J. McInnis, Sc.D., FACSM, International expert and leading researcher in exercise science and fitness, UMass Boston

"Kids love this equipment and have so much fun they don't even realize how much exercise they are doing. - Wayne L. Wescott, PhD., CSCS, Fitness Research Director, South Shore YMCA, MA

"We integrated Sportwall and the dance dance revolution system into all of our YMCA Interactive Fitness Zones to help foster Youth, Teen, and Family fun with fitness related activities. Both products have provided us with a variety of opportunities to serve all ages and abilities in a fun, non-intimidating environment."
- Tom Flynn, District Vice President, YMCA of South Hampton Roads, VA

Sportwall is an important part of our interactive fitness programming at Fitness for Health, which is a state-of-the-art fitness facility specializing in programs for children with coordination and motor delays, ADHD/ADD, LD, weight management and self esteem issues. - Mark Sickel, Fitness for Health, MD

"Spectrum Health Clubs are using Sportwall to get kids excited about exercise and provide them with a great interactive fitness workout experience. Our adult and senior 'young at heart' members are benefiting from the fun as well."- Sarah Jones, Regional Fitness Director Spectrum Health Clubs, CA

Sportwall's use of multi-sensory stimulation (sight, sound, hearing) to motivate students provides physical activities that positively affect academic brain based learning and makes learning fun." - Todd Keating, P.E. Teacher
River Woods Elementary School, Naperville IL

"The most pleasing aspect of our experience with Sportwall was that some disaffected pupils, such as small cohorts of Year 10 and 11 boys, said 'if this is PE I would be happy to do it all the time'. These are the kids that would not normally take part in or like a traditional team games based curriculum. Now we have to tear them away! To me this is the most rewarding result to date." – Drew Allison, Northampton Academy, UK

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Dance Dance Revolution
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